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Mala Bakhtiyar Books and Publications

  • "Kurdish Revolution and Modern Changes" , published in 1992.
  • "Becoming Rebellious to History", Second Edition in 1998.
  • "At service of Literature", 1998.
  • "Democracy after Cold War", published in 1999.
  • "Collection of Some Topics", published in 1999.
  • "Democracy between Modernism and Post-modernism", published in 2000.
  • "Rational Freedom and Civil Society" in 2001.
  • "Democracy and its Enemies" First Edition in 2006, and second edition in 2014.
  • "A Bunch of History of Kurdistan Toilers Party, or Komala in 2012.
  • "Spiritual Totalitarianism and Duties of Modern Enlightenment, A Response to Secretary General of Kurdistan Islamic Union’s Report in 2013.
  • "Anaka Discourse and Turning of Contemporary of Kurdish Struggle", booklet, in 2013.
  • A Group of Essays on 38th anniversary of PUK.
  • "Intersection of Democracy and Salafism" , first edition, 2014.
  • "Modern Political Roadmap in Middle East", in 2014.
  • "Kurdistan Revolutions and Modern Changes", in 2015.
  • Kurdistan, HDP and Turkey, Towards Which Political Harbor?
  • ISIS, Expectations of its Emergence and Its Risks.